Cosmo Sheldrake is an inspirational teacher and facilitator of music workshops, community choirs and private lessons. He teaches blues, vocal improvisation, beatboxing, and general musical aural fluency. His approach focuses on learning to play by ear.

“Cosmo facilitates groups with an electric-infectious-brilliant passion that inspires raw aliveness and unlocks previously unknown possibility” – Evan McGown, Founder and Director, Institute for Wild Intelligence, USA.

“At our youth camps I have seen Cosmo’s capacity to take his astounding musical talents and share it with youth, making them creators in the process. Time and again, I have witnessed the sheer magic of young people who have begun to sprout wings of talent in cosmo’s presence. Talent+warmth+energy+inspiration=great teaching artist – and this is Cosmo!” – Gita John-Iyam. Director, Power of Hope, Canada.

“Cosmo Sheldrake is a formidable and well-trained facilitator of experiential art and nature workshops. His expertise is three-pronged: Creativity, energy and compassion. His workshop design and delivery is consistently innovative, pushing conventional edges and setting a very high bar for musical facilitation in particular. He is boundlessly energetic, and that energy is transferred to his participants who generally leave his sessions grinning and refreshed. Finally, and possibly most importantly, he is a very empathic listener, a gentle and patient teacher of skills and ideas, and is unafraid of engaging deep emotion. I would highly recommend any workshop he is facilitating. See you there.” – Nadia Chaney, regional coordinator of PYE Global.